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May 1 2024
To Our Valued Patients,
There is a lot of information and misinformation regarding the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) in the media. We
understand that many of our patients are anxious to receive dental coverage they have not had before. Dentists,
individually and as a profession, support increasing access to care for Canadians and we have a long history of
advocating strongly with our provincial government to help increase access to care in our province.
The CDCP requires dentists to sign on as a provider with the government. There are many concerns with the conditions
and terms in the contract that have unknown and potentially negative repercussions. Currently, our dental clinic hasn’t
made the decision to sign on, as we haven’t received all of the CDCP’s details. As of writing, only 15% of dentists in BC
have signed on to the program.
Important to note, under the CDCP you’ll have some out-of-pocket costs because the CDCP doesn’t cover 100% of the
normal fees. We asked the government to fairly pay for your dental care by respecting the suggested fee guide, which
most provinces and territories have. These fee guides help us set fees that are transparent, fair, and predictable for
patients. The federal government decided not to fully fund the CDCP. Unfortunately, this lack of funding puts the
responsibility on patients and their dentists.
The government says they are working on an “alternative pathway” for dentists to participate in the program without
signing on as a provider. We are keenly awaiting further details about this potential pathway which may provide a
sustainable way for us to participate with the CDCP coverage.
Ultimately, our Dental Association has advised dentists in BC to wait until more information is available before enrolling in
the program as a provider. There are still many questions surrounding the CDCP, and while we have not determined if we
will be enrolling as a provider, we can say that all patients will continue to be treated ethically, with respect and empathy,
as usual.
Kind regards,

Dr Brent Parkins and the Copper City Dental Staff


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